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I tune the whole guitar down a whole step to D.

V-Factor Faded Guitars

My Gibson Vs are stock V-Factor Faded, 6-strings, w/stop tail pieces.

7-String Guitars

I love the extra low range. Playin' all yer scales on a 7 string is a glorious experience. Not having the "extra" string on my Gibson Vs drives me nuts, but the Gibsons feel and sound great/much better. Right now, I'm more comfortable on the Gibson Vs.

My Ibanez is stock, for now. I want to try the DiMarzio D-Activator pickup in it. Perhaps that will give it more bite and make it feel tighter.

Floyd Rose
Licensed Locking Tremolos

I don't miss the tremolo on my Gibson Vs. However, as soon as I start to play the Ibanez 7-string, I start to use the tremolo, mostly just to waver chords at the end of phrases.

Mark III Combo Amp w/5 Band Parametric EQ

Pedals and Rack-mounted Effects
In front of the head, I run a Boss TU-2 tuner, a Morley Mark Tremonti Wah w/boost at 10 dB out of 20 dB available or a Tonemaster Wahmaster, and a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor.

All effects screw up the natural, awesome amp crunch/tone, even if they are in bypass/off mode, and Yes, ... even if they are "true by-pass" like my MT wah.

Alternatively, In order to get lush, stereo-effects, but eliminate the problem of screwing up my Mesa's great tone, I route the amp's direct out to a mono volume pedal, to a 20 yr. old Alesis QuadraVerb, for stereo-chorus, -delay, and a ittle reverb, to the snake/PA, or to a Mesa/Boogie 2:90 all-tube power-amp, and a totally independent wet stereo-cabinet. That gives me an easily-adjustable lead-boost with a huge stereo-sound.

- - - - -

Anything in the signal path is a trade-off between it's effect, how much great amp tone you lose, and how much noise you add. My old Mesa tone even changes, a lot, depending on where I set it's internal reverb!

- - - - -

I'd love to use a wireless, but I haven't been impressed with the one I own, at all. They really reduce tone (by squeezing the entire frequency range) and ... add noise.

- - - - -

I have lots of other guitars and stuff, like a little classical acoustic, a PRS, an Artisan 12 string acoustic, a Roland guitar synthesizer, a Gibson '83 re-issue of a '58 Flying V, loaded with EMGs, rack amps, effects, etc., but the above gear is what I, typically, use.

- - - - -

Stuff I'd like to try:
Carvin V3 Head, ENGL Invader 100 Head

I also keep thinking about getting a solid-state amp. I like the super-tight bass response and the crunch. Yes, most of them have horrible lead tones. I love the different way they break up for cruncha-muncha rhythms though. I've tried, and like, the Peavey XXL Head.